Establishment of SC/ST CELL

The SC/ST Cell of the JVIMS has been established by the Institute vide Circular Number JVIMS/MBA/MCA/2024/19, dated.16/01/2024

The Director of the Institute – Prof. (Dr.) Ajay Shah is nominated as the Liaison Officer of SC/ST Cell and Mr. Bipin Rupadiya, Asst. Professor will extend required assistance to the Liaison Officer in running the SC/ST Cell.

Liaison Officer, SC/ST Cell Prof. (Dr.) Ajay Shah, Director - JVIMS
Staff (i/c), SC/ST Cell Mr. Bipin Rupadiya, Asst. Prof - JVIMS
Click here for downloading the complaint form regarding caste discrimination.

SC/ST Committee Members:

Sr. No. Names Role Contact No. Email Id.
1 Prof. (Dr.) Ajay Shah Chairperson 98983 61238
2 Mr. Bipin Rupadiya Faculty Member 92285 82425
3 Mr. Ravi Valva Member 9662249338
4 Mr. Jignesh Jadav Member 9106086627
5 Ms. Poonam Shah Member 9510470808