Feedback is a vital part of teaching and learning process. It helps the mentor to recognize how the students know his or her subject being taught. It is significant as teacher can get reviews on his/her teaching methodology that will finally benefit the student. The collection and analysis of feedback from different stakeholder assist the institution to understand the need of society and what other stakeholder foresee from the institute. With this aim the Institute has developed feedback system. The feedback’s are collected from the all stakeholders by the IQAC through feedback committee and analyzed. From academic year 2018-19 Institute has introduced feedback system. After analysis of feedback, inclusive reports are prepared and is communicated to the concerned for the purpose of process improvement. The report of the same is then uploaded on the college website.

Sample Feedback Form :

  • Student Feedback Form on curriculum : Click Here
  • Teacher Feedback Form on curriculum : Click Here
  • Teacher Self Evaluation Form on curriculum : Click Here