Our Alumni have been the flag bearers of the JVIMS brand, successfully establishing a professional network across industries.

The 1500+ JVIAMS (alumni of JVIMS) are working as from dynamic managers to Entrepreneurs. JVIAMS have been very successful in scaling up the family owned businesses and transforming the existing infrastructure for sustainable management and growth. JVIAMS have made their presence felt across India and abroad creating a niche for JVIMS in the Industry & Society at a large.

The Alumni base has been instrumental in the institution-building by providing their valuable feedback and support to different policy-making initiatives here at JVIMS. The alumni base has actively helped us from sharing their rich experiences, providing Live Projects, Internships and Placements.

JVIMS on its part has been critical in ensuring a symbiotic relationship with our alumni. JVIMS has actively associated alumni with initiatives to extend its support to them as and when required. JVIMS provides its alumni with ample networking and career supporting opportunities through various networking events and an active alumni portal.

The Alumni Association was set up to strengthen the affable relationship among alumni, students, faculty and other members of OET: JVIMS family. These committee members of Association aim to foster, nurture and leverage the vast industry exposure and experience of our alumni network in the course of institution building.

The Committee members of Association act as the sole platform to facilitate all forms of interaction with our alumni. The committee members also perseveres to benefit the existing batches through a plethora of initiatives like the Alumni Mentorship Program, Guest Lecture series and Webinar sessions.

The association has been duly registered as “JVIMS Alumni Association” under the Society Registration Act with the following objectives:

To encourage poster and promote close relation and networking between students of JVIMS & Alumni, and alumni among them self.

To provide common platform and channel for dissemination information that is of the interest to all.

To participate and assist in developing knowledge based and skills of the existing students and society at large.

To Guide and assist alumni who have recently completed the program to obtain internship, employment& for their business pursue

To give suggestion for designing add on programs, seminars, webinars, workshop and also to assist the institute in designing industrial visit, managers meet, Entrepreneur meet & various other pursues for the making better MBA’s.

Society’s Registration Number: GJ/1417/Jamnagar & 1/1322/Jamnagar

Current Alumni Body

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