Staff Details

Mr. Bhavya H. Mankad

Assistant Professor


Mr. Bhavya Mankad had completed his BE in Computers and after that he went on to pursue the MBA in the marketing Field. Having completed the MBA, Mr. Mankad had experience in various IT companies in Sales and Marketing Department for 4.5 years.

This experience has given Mr. Mankad gain perspective of the real-world expectations by the corporate in this ever-changing world. Especially in the Tech sector, the expectation and need from the IT companies keeps changing and various new dynamic profiles have been created in space of merely a decade. This unique perspective helps Mr. Mankad in directing the efforts of student in a more pragmatic, hands-on way.

Mr. Mankad have been teaching subjects which has to do with behavioral aspects in management such as Consumer Behaviour and Organizational Behaviour.

Other than keeping tabs on latest trends in Marketing, His area of interest is Tech Governance, History, Pop Culture, Politics, Analytics etc.

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