Staff Details

Dr. Pruthvirajsinh N. Rathod

Assistant Profesor

Ph.D, M.Com, MBA, GSET (Commerce & Management)

Dr. Pruthvirajsinh N. Rathod holds Philosophy of Doctorate in Commerce from GLS University - Ahemdabad. He did his MBA from Param Institute of Management & Research - Jamnagar. He had also done with Banking & Finance from Saurashtra University - Rajkot. He has also cleared the Exam of Gujarat State Eligibility Test in Management & Commerce. 

He carries an overall work experience of 9 years in Academic.  He is also taught at Indian Institute of Ayurvedic Pharmaceutical Science - Gujarat Ayurvedic University -  Jamnagar as a visiting faculty.

His broad research interests lie in Sales Management and Retailing. His teaching interests are in the area of Marketing to Retailing and different Economy Aspects.

Journal Articles

Dr. Pruthvirajsinh Rathod , Year - 2020  " A Study of Social Media Marketing for small Kirana Shops "  in Sambodhi ( UGC Care Journal ) ISSN: 2249-6661 Vol-43, No.-4, (IX) October-December (2020), 62-66

Pruthvirajsinh Rathod,  Year 2019 “ A Study of Impact of NPA on Indian Economy “  was Presented in National conference held by Faculty of Commerce  - GLS University- Ahmedabad.

Pruthvirajsinh Rathod,  Year 2018 “ A Study of Trend of NPA of public Sector Banks in India” in  Paripex - Indian Journal of research ISSN: 2250-1991 Vol-7, No.-12, December (2018 ).

Pruthvirajsinh Rathod,  Year 2018 “ Tools & Techniques of NPA Management” was published in International Research Journal of Commerce, Arts & Science–ISSN: 2319-9202 Vol-9, No.-12, December (2018 ).

Pruthvirajsinh Rathod,  Year 2018 “ Education Loan & NPA – A New Burning Issue “ was Presented in IGEGTE 2018 by Chirst Institute of Management - Rajkot.

Pruthvirajsinh Rathod,  Year 2016 “ Problem faced by Women Entrepreneur & Incentives schemes of Government for promoting women entrepreneurs in Gujarat “ in Research Matrix, ISSN: 2321-7073 Vol-2, No.-7, Maarch (2016 ).

Pruthvirajsinh Rathod, “ Tools & Techniques of Disaster Management with special reference to Gujarat “ was Published on 25 – 26 April at 3rd International Conference on Gujarat Model of Governance : Lessons & Future Scopes held By Gujarat Technological University – Ahmedabad. 

Pruthvirajsinh Rathod,  Year 2014 “ Talent Management- A strategy for Competitive Advantage was published in PARIPEX – Indian Journal of Research . ISSN: 2250-1991 Vol-3, No.-12, December (2014 ).

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